Driving in the Canaries

There are numerous Car Hire companies in the Canary Islands that can arrange a car for you while you are on holiday. If you are going to rent a car in the Canaries the most important thing you have to remember is that in Spain we drive on the right hand side of the road!

Before traveling, remember to take your driving license with you as you'll need to show it when renting your car.

The maximum speed in Spain is 120km/h on motorways and there are always plenty of police speed checks along the roads so please beware.

By law you should have a Hi-Viz jacket in your car and two red warning triangles. Please check with your car hire company to make sure they are in the car before you take the car away. It is also worth checking the car over for any damage before you drive away and inform the company if any damage has not been included on your car rental agreement.

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